Friday, 22 January 2010

Nearly there !!

The APEL is finally coming together. I have changed the format and decided to go for Level 1 completely after reading the syllabus and looking through all the work I have and matching the OCA requirements. I have also done a trial run to prepare the whole thing as a .pdf file using PDF Creator, free software without using Adobe !. OCA do not make this an easy task. On one hand they say "A random collection of images will not gain you credits" which is fine, but in the next sentence they want to see "visual curiosity, excellent observation, technical skill, original thinking, experimentation, etc etc" which could well end up looking like some random selection if all those requirements are to be met.

So, if nothing else this is teaching me Editing. I have thousands of images, and to select the correct 30 maximum for this is causing a lot of head scratching, inserting and deleting.

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