Thursday, 16 August 2012

Assessment - A Milestone

Today is a milestone as I am now half way towards my degree with the official notification of credits, breakdown of marks and advice for further study.

Advice for further study 

 " There is much evidence of a strong progression and self-critisism that should be built upon and will lead to a personal vision and a sense of visual achievement. A continuing engagement with the context and theory underlying contemporary photography practise will pay dividends"

For the time being I am reflecting on the experience and between modules will continue to read widely and visit exhibitions where possible. I need to return to some of my own work, using the 5x4 camera for landscape work (not possible during the module as there were issues with workflow) and use the rangefinder whenever possible as I enjoy the feel of the work more than that of the DLSR. I may shoot some more stock, which a year ago seemed unlikely. Stock is a practice technique, similar to a golfer on the driving range. You make photographs that are technically perfect but there is very little editing or selection.

It is unlikely that there will be any further postings on this journal. It has served its purpose quite well and I hope has provided some interest to the various readers, who I see from the data are worldwide. So for now thank you all for your comments, encouragement and support when it was looking bleak (Ass 4) and good luck with your own photography.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012