Thursday, 14 January 2010

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning

My current task is an application to the Open College of Arts (OCA) for previous experience. This application will be viewed by the university and a number of credits may be granted off the 360 required for the degree. The OCA guidelines for this allow you to write as much as you like about yourself and your previous work, show some of your work and write a self critique on two pieces of work. I have been taking photographs for 30 years and retrieving the relevant bits to use is proving difficult. I have decided to go back to 1985 when I was first having work published in my local newspaper, The Lynn News and Advertiser. I was a part time freelance doing their motor sport photography and at that time local driver Martin Brundle (now a BBC commentator) was competing in F1 for the first time. Half page stories of Grand Prix weekends were required, often requiring 8 to 10 images. I was also a keen member of the Kings Lynn Camera Club and entered all of their competitions and exhibitions. This led to me meeting Assocites and Fellows of The Royal Photographic Society and they suggested that I apply for Licentiate membership. I did a Panel of 16x12 prints in 1987 and gained LRPS. Since then digital photography has come along and changed so much. Everyone with a digital camera is now a photographer, the media love it. Readers pictures are readily available and cheap.

So, all but one film cameras have gone and I joined in with digital revolution. I produce work for Stock websites, a hotel in Menorca and in 2009 I published a book. The book was a private project and never released in quantity. It can be see here.

I am still undecided about which two photographs to do the critique on. Its so important to get this right, it costs £200 to do an APEL application.

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