Friday, 11 February 2011

Assignment 3 - a linking theme

With the technical issues of data backups and a new PC for the office / studio installed I must turn my attention away from these matters and work on Assignment 3. The course notes allow us freedom here to produce 8 images which in different ways have a common theme. The examples given include a specific colour, water, transient light and conservation.

I am particulary interested in images that are understated and maybe to the casual observer, a bit normal. The normal unspectacular image however does need to be well made and have some interest that is beyond the obvious. Next week I am spending some time in Cumbria and I will shoot with the 5x4 and the digital ragefinder. Do not expect the normal National Park type of images to return. I, like many have done to death the typical Lake District shots (which are quite satisfying and quite relevant for Library stock etc) but this time I am looking for something "different".

This posting has been in draft and I am now back from the Lake District with almost nothing to show. The weather was apalling, to a degree that is was almost impossible to do photography. The high winds would have blown the 5x4 away and the rain was dreadful. I did manage about 3 5x4 but I dont hold out much hop of them being that good.

These 8 images are proving hard to get.


  1. I'm sorry to hear things didn't go so well Nigel. I hope that your negs turn out better than you expect.

  2. It was windy to the point of being dangerous on last Friday. I tried some long exposure shots on Thursday in a stream (15secs) but even though I was sheltered I am not sure if the camera vibrated slightly. Difficult to tell untill I get the film back and look through the loupe.

  3. Sorry to hear your trip wasn't too successful, the weather has been wild of late. Hope you got something out of it anyway.