Thursday, 24 February 2011

Assignment 3 : a linking theme - printed

A slight change for this assignment. The previous two had been in the form of Blurb books, but not three as there are only eight photographs and a book format for that number is a little unusual, so I am printing this one myself. The printer is my Epson R2400, the ink Epson Ultrachrome and the paper Harman Gloss FB AL. The icc printer profile from Harman.

The key to good print quality is the paper and I have tried many only to come back to Harman. Another print essential is soft proofing, although with this combination the adjustments are small. Next is mounting and a mat overlay.

The print set is all monochrome and mostly abstract so I am a little worried whether I should have played it simple and safe or go out on a limb.

We will see.


  1. Sounds very intriguing Nigel. I look forward to seeing the pictures idc. I think it's good to take a risk now and then...

  2. Thanks Eileen. I like them but I dont think they will get much praise. Looks like a 2/10 and do again coming up, but I need to try and push the envelope a bit