Saturday, 19 February 2011

Assignment 3 : a linking theme - more words

I am in the process of reviewing and editing a large selection of images ( I tend to refer to my Raw files as "images" and leave the word "photograph" to describe the finished work) taken in the last year because subconsciously I think I have maybe 2 or 3 themes that run through my work. Maybe I will need to shoot a few more to complete this but I am encouraged that I need not start this from scratch.

My first choice is "The Tree". I have always been drawn to them, either singularly or collectively and used them in an abstract style a few years ago in a short article I made for a photography magazine. I have continued to shoot trees as abstract together with the conventional. I am undecided whether to make all eight photographs in the abstract or mix them with some of the conventional.

My second choice is "The Boat" When shooting at the coast, especially the local North Norfolk coast it is difficult not to be drawn to the small fishing boats and how they are part of the coastal landscape. In particular the old and disused which are often left to decay at their last mooring place.

Third choice is "Water". Not so sure about this but I have noticed myself whenever there is a chance doing water shots. Not many get used, so perhaps in hindsight I am never that pleased with them and its a bit tricky to avoid the cliché types such as the waterfall, stream with long exposure and the sea with long exposure.

Before I started this course my raison d'être with a camera was Stock Images for the Alamy library. There is a tendency within that mode to shoot anything that is a cliché due to end users who revel in them. Here we are led to believe that this is not so good, so I apologise if a few creep in.

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