Sunday, 6 February 2011

5x4 First Batch of Negs

The first batch of Delta 100 negatives have been processed and for the first time I have Large Format images. There is still work to do and much to learn not just with taking, but the scanning and the post processing. The making of images in the field (I haven't tried anything studio based) is simple but alarmingly complicated. After all, all I have is a box with film in it and a lens, but its remembering the sequence that things happen and not being impatient. Light will change during the set up and the first meter reading wont be the last. Tilt and shift is awkward but not as complicated as one might think, especially if you use a loupe and not get too geakish about the Scheimpflug rule. Knowing roughly what is happening helps but like most things in life, if it looks right then it probably is. Scanning is made complicated by the fact that the more you read on the Internet the more opinions you gather and they are not similar. I am using the Epson software with the V750 although it comes bundled with Silverfast and I also have Vuescan, the variables here are too many too soon. The only advice that I am listening to is from Ken Lee who makes a valid point that less is more when working with a scan and getting the work done in the scanner software is the best choice. Over processing in PS will destroy the analogue feel of the film.

So, here is a test image.  Delta 100 Wista Field. 150mm Rodenstock Sironar S 1sec  f 32 Front Tilt. Some small amount of dodge and burn, but generally a straight print.

Hampered here a bit by file size and resolution. I will FTP to my website and make a link to the original file soon.

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