Friday, 19 March 2010

Landscape - Project 1 - The horizon line

For this project I have used a simple rural landscape near Kings Lynn. The soil in the fields here is red due to underlying sandstone. To demonstrate the significance of how the image changes with the horizon at differing locations I choose a 35mm lens on a full frame dslr. I experimented with wider angle and telephoto lenses, only to find that neither worked as well for this illustration. Metering was manual and set for the fore / middle ground part of the field. All images ISO 320 1/160 f9

It is clear that the white overcast sky is poor in terms of content and for images No 1 and No 2 it dominates to an unacceptable extent. No 1 however would be a good choice for an image that commercially needed space of a large text overlay, and in a minimalist context is quite interesting.
No 3 is beginning to be more interesting as we can see more of the track and the shapes in the soil. It is however not one thing or another and the 50/50 split is annoying.
No 4 and No 5 are more interesting as we can see the shapes in the field and the sky is becoming less dominant. By almost excluding the sky in No 5 we are more conscious of the lines and shapes, as these are the only graphic shapes forming useful diagonal and Z lines.

The sky on this occasion had no detail, and the interest was in the shapes in the field and it's inclusion needs to be minimal. With a stormy or fair weather cumulus sky the photographs would need to be treated differently and consideration given to how the sky could balance the composition

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