Monday, 29 March 2010

Landscape - Assignment 1 - Notes

Spring - 12 images - this is so much harder to do than I originally thought. One reason might be that despite it technically being springtime there is little evidence at the moment. In fact from Lincolnshire northwards this week there could be 200mm of snow. Maybe I should go north a bit and get some winter shots, but I really think I will wait till start of winter this year. IN terms of landscape photographs I will stretch the boundaries a bit and include a few close ups (with very OOF backgrounds) and maybe something a bit abstract. Thinking of a shot through wet glass onto an indistinct landscape, sort of April showers type of thing. I really would like to do this without a lamb picture but, why not.

Started post processing a few images from this weekend. Just into Lincolnshire are some huge fields of daffodils. Normally the flowers are picked before they bloom so are never seen as yellow in the fields. Some however are very yellow this week as they will not be cut as flowers I think, but used as bulbs for next year. However, I needed to make sure my PP workflow was at its best, and I returned to NX2. Its not so intuitive as CS3 but it does produce stunning Tiff files from RAW. Images for printing will be left with capture sharpening only and be printed through Qimage. Qimage applies the correct print sharpening algorithm, relative to the print size and handles all my printing away from Cs3.

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