Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Landscape - Notes

I have been photographing the landscape for 30 years with mixed success. My first real exposure to "proper landscapes" bearing in mind I live in Norfolk, was in the late 80's when I first took a holiday in the Lake District. Lakeland Photographic Holidays was run in those days by David Dent ARPS. David was an inspiration and I was hooked on Cumbria and went there twice a year for many years, and produced a number of useful prints for camera club competitions. The current course however has made me think of landscape in a structured way that is far more demanding. The outcome, by way of images may be similar, but the requirement to think ahead and plan my work must be disciplined. The course is structured around the seasons and it is therefore essential that no opportunity is missed. The penalty is severe, miss springtime and you have to wait 12 months for it to come around again. Studying the weather forecast is essential, know what to expect after a cold front etc and suddenly you are consumed in meteorology.A cold front this week would be good. Bland white sky for the last 7 days is becoming tiresome. Researching areas close to home where suitable shots can be made is also essential. Although holidays to Cumbria etc can be made there are many images that are going to have to be made locally. Local knowledge and OS maps are essential. has an interview with Charlie Waite, who considers height to be essential and in Norfolk this is a resource I am going to struggle with.

Later in the course there is a requirement to study a chosen photographer with a reputation for landscape work. The list from which I can choose is:

  • Ansel Adams
  • Robert Adams
  • Fay Godwin
  • Edward Weston
  • Galen Rowell
A further assignment is to produce 12 photographs in the style of the chosen photographer.

All that springs to mind is my rather unkind comments from the past that dull rainy days in The Lakes were always called "Godwin" days.

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