Friday, 29 July 2011

The Photographer's Ephemeris

This evening I set about the task of researching a "Photography Website" so that I can make use of a domain that I own, . my other .com website is used for my engineering work and the directs visitors there at the moment. I do have a copy of Dreamweaver CS5 so should build my own, but right now I need something quick to get a few photographs into the public gaze without reinventing the wheel. So, looking at Clikpic. Layerspace etc I came across a website where the photographer was using "The Photographers Ephemeris". Now I know the world is big and the www even bigger but I had never heard of this phrase, nor did I realise it was software. In a nutshell it is free software that shows you on a map where the sun/moon will rise and set at any location. For landscape and architectural work this device is another tool in the box that will take some of the hard work out of planning a shoot.

For instance:
Location : A149 Knights Hill, Kings Lynn
When will the sun set exacting along the center of the road looking towards the town ?
Answer: 15th October, 18:03

The alignment of the setting/rising sun and moon along strong topographical features will only happen twice every year and is a constant source of disappointment when the opportunity is missed.

Needles to say I haven't got much further with the website as I am now mousing a little icon all over Norfolk and The Fens looking for upcoming alignment of the sun and moon with rivers, churches etc.

The Photographers Ephemeris

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