Monday, 15 November 2010

More Autumn

An amazing morning. -2.2C and a clear sky with the promise of an amazing dawn in low lying areas. 6.45 and out with one lens. I like to do this from time to time as I find changing lenses a bind and an unnecessary break in the photography. Its not needed in my opinion and travelling light is much easier. So, the D3 and 300mm 2.8, incident meter and a monopod, although I think the Gitzo tripod is in the Land Rover somewhere if needed. The D3 is quite capable at ISO 1000 so 1/000 sec and higher quite possible even at dawn. Ive also decided to keep all my shooting close to home, well within 10 miles. Ive been finding that by revisiting small patches of countryside I am getting know them, anticipating where I think shots will be and the topography and how that effects the light and atmosphere. The Nar valley is shallow, its no Swaledale and may only be a few 10's of feet lower than the surrounding countryside but it is enough to collect fog in a thin layer just before dawn and near to Wormegay has a fen, so bleak minimalist features. As the sun rose it was amazing, although I am not sure I got my position right. The fog about 10 feet thick and good recessions in tones to the distance. After a while I moved to another favourite, West Briggs Wood. Still good light although less options due to being in and around a forest, so the edges were best options. Still looking for assignment shots that are Autumn, so one or two predictable trees, but my style is naturalistic rather than contemporary so there may be a few cliches in there still.

If, it looks good tomorrow I will do a similar trip, maybe the same lens, but maybe an extension tube in my pocket to allow closer focus distance on some detail. I never like to rush PP so, the Raw files will be left for a day or two before I look at them again. Its my digital equivalent to sending the films for process. When I look at then again they will be new to me and I will be happier then rather than now to manipulate them.


  1. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to seeing your results. I also tend to leave things for a bit before starting to process, as I find it easier to evaluate them then.

  2. It was good and today (16th) good as well. Ime never confident though that I have done the best job and often feel annoyed when I see the thumbnails during transfer. Thats why I leave them alone for a while. If I go tomorrow morning I may take the 5x4. A whole world away from digital, until the scanning.