Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Assignment 2 - one acre


  1. This is looking pretty good. It's great to see you posting again.

  2. This looks very professional and you have a very distinctive style - very nice indeed. I really like the published book approach although I believe for assessment it isn't encouraged. But for me, it helps me assess my own photos better when I see them presented in a book. Are these with the new camera?

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    I decided to do the Blurb thing from the start as it is a nice way of archiving the course. Pity if OCA don't like it, but in fact its more difficult to prepare than just doing a print. Understand the Blurb workflow .icc profile for their printer, soft proofing, CMYK etc is more akin to professional work than just using a desktop printer.

    Waiting now for a new print after a few changes then burn the files to a CD and off it can go.