Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chasing around

Saturday 6th November and at last some images of Autumn, all in a random sort of way. Weather and cloud watching is now as important as having a lens on the camera. Three mini trips in the last two days to West Briggs Wood may have saved the day. Due to being so behind the season I am playing catch up, which means getting some ordinary shots at least and then maybe next week look for something a bit more unusual. First efforts were in bright but overcast light, which although good doesn't cut it for Autumn. Vibrancy of the colours is paramount and while the images were OK, it wasn't ever going to be good enough. Second and third attempts were better, good light but wrong time of day. The part of the wood I wanted to work in was still without direct light, so I needed to work on the South side or at least something with a South facing aspect. I had armed myself with 80-200 zoom, 50mm, 60mm macro and 24mm PC-E. and in the end the 24mm and the 60mm macro predominantly used. The right angle finder used also to get the 24mm very low down on the tripod. 60mm for some nice close ups of leaves. Third rather rushed visit was late in the afternoon, this time the 300mm on a monopod. The sky had now become very black, the sun was low and I went looking for a single sunlit tree with a stormy cloudscape. I love the 300mm and its max f2.8 is great for isolating detail. There were a few moments that may have worked, but no PP yet, so nothing to show, but relief that something has been done. 

Also saw deer and loads of squirrels, but the 600mm not taken on these visits, so nothing of them, but they can wait till another day

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