Thursday, 8 December 2011

Project 15 : planning your portfolio

This project requires that a series of photographs are taken from the same location, of the same view but at different times of the year. The purpose is to demonstrate how the seasons change to landscape, the changes in foliage colour (providing the trees are disiduous) and the change in colour of the light.

I probably used up 6 hrs of my time looking for the location. I needed some height, maybe looking into a valley and foloiage of correct genre. To reference the alighment for each visit a building or two would also be useful and it needed to be available all the year around. The village of Castle Acre lies in the Nar Valley and being about 10 miles from home ticked all the boxes. After the first visit it was nesseccary to take a print on return visits to get the approximate alignment for repetition.






  1. Really enjoyed these - thanks!! Loved the winter one!

  2. Thanks Vicki. All a bit cliched but thats what it asks for. Winter is my fav too.