Thursday, 8 December 2011

Assignment 5 : in the style of an influential photographer - Edward Weston

This assignment is now finished and on its way to my tutor. The final set of 12 were difficult to choose (there must be 200+ images to look through) and to decide upon a style for Edward Weston is not altogether simple as his style changed during his lifetime. To add some clarity to my work I wanted to pick a period when his work represented the best of his landscape output. Weston is not renowned for his landscape work while his studio work with shells, nudes and peppers is easily recognisable in popular culture. I have chosen the period when he lived in Carmel, California and his style during these later years of his life suited my own preference.

The images are shown here without the write up that accompanied them and are thumbnail quality. Original prints are 12.5"x10" with 2.5" white borders.


No 2

No 3

No 4

No 5

No 6

No 7

No 8

No 9

No 10

No 11

No 12

Panel Layout


  1. I've not looked at Weston (yet) so really not able to comment from that point of view. But loved the B&W processing; and No4 - steps and vase —think that is my ab fab!

  2. Hello Nigel, I can see a lot of Point Lobos in these, especially the intimate landscapes 6,7,8 10 & 11. I am intrigued by 9, but that is maybe my lack of knowledge on Weston's canon. Were you not tempted to broaden the landscape view - not sure there are many sandscapes in Majorca (?). These photographs look very good in the slideshow are they digital?

  3. Thanks Vicki, 4 is one of my favorites, its the only one from the Leica. Leica glass has a modeling that makes it almost 3D.

    John, Only beach sand in Menorca and I wanted to keep them on a theme so didn't look for the vista. They are all Nikon D3 apart from 4 which is the M8. Some like 12 used the 24mm PC-E which makes a difference and gets closer to a view camera. Couldn't take my 5x4 as the film through xray is such a pain.

  4. Interesting set Nigel. I like the way you have laid the panel out too, something I do as well and so useful I think to help the viewer see your bigger vision.