Monday, 17 May 2010

Projects upate

The progress on keeping up to date with the projects has suffered a bit recently due to the work on Assignment 1 becoming too intensive. Although nothing recorded here for projects there has been some background activity. Frustrated with Norfolk and Lincolnshire I have just returned from 3 days in Cumbria. I always return to The Lakes when everything else fails, although there is no guarantee that my photography will become enriched by traveling 5hrs up the A1. The course folder traveled with me and was an aide memoir for project related work. What is for sure is that the food is good and the beer even better, so nothing is ever lost.

Project 6 - framing the view differently. I have some ideas for this but nothing worked out that well so this one is on the back burner for a while. When I find my location to shoot this it will be quick and simple, but for now , no location.

Project 7 - figures in a landscape. Shot some for this in Cumbria, so images are available, just PP needed to complete.

Project 8 - using perspective to help composition. Many of my images from the last 3 months have been shot with many of the techniques being looked for here, so I don't propose to shoot anything special for this and will rely on some from previous shoots. Unless we get some fog which would be nice.

Project 9 - colour themes. Once again I think my recent Lake District shoot has some for this. Certainly plenty of green.

Project 10 - soft colours. I had The lakes in mind for this when I booked the trip. Soft greens and browns in abundance.

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