Sunday, 9 May 2010

Assignment 1: the season - Draft

I have decided to produce my assignments in book format via Blurb publishing. Since my first book at Blurb there have been technical changes that I have to take account of and produce a draft copy prior to getting the final version for my tutor. Blurb have changed their printing equipment and this requires me to download a new ICC profile for soft proofing in CS3. This is essential, the soft proofed images were slightly flat and required a little additional work with curves. Despite several read throughs the draft does have 2 errors which will be rectified when the new version is uploaded.
In addition to this printed version I will send my tutor a CD of the images so that they can be viewed on a PC.

The concern here is that the images are cliches of Spring. Too obvious or too illustrative. There isnt time however to continually shoot images. The season has moved on and although to my regret I have found some fields of Oil Seed Rape with elevation that could be included I have chosen to call time on this assignment, take the critique from my tutor, learn from that and improve for future work. 

May 20th

The errors have now been corrected and the final version is in print.

BA(Hons) Photography
By Nigel Roberson Ma...

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