Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New accessory

During the last few weeks I have laid on my stomach too may times to produce low viewpoint photographs. Its dirty, wet and people around you think you are mad. The answer is a right angle finder. The DR-5 fits to the D3 eyepiece and allows me to use the camera in a altogether more dignified way when working below waist height. It will also be useful in the studio when the camera is being used above the subject. Being comfortable when shooting, whether its warm dry clothes, heat in the studio or just simply having to be a contortionist makes a huge contribution to the quality of my work and this will be a good investment.

This what it looks like.

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  1. I've thought about getting one of those but haven't done so yet. I'd be really interested to hear how you get on with it. I've been on a few shoots with people who had flip-out monitor screens and they are so usefuul for low shots. I'm not going to buy a new camera in the near future but have wondered if this would be worthwhile.