Thursday, 19 April 2012

Final Portfolio

Twelve photographs, three for each season and use some from Assignment One which was the Spring. Sounds simple enough but this has taken far too long. Always fighting away from the cliche although having used a cliche or two so far it is difficult (in regards making a cohesive set/panel of prints) to be too diverse. If I were to start again I would do different but there has been too much time wasted on procrastination and while I can predict a few groans from the assessors I understand their disappointment. The digital images shown below are low quality and not representative of the final prints being offered for assesment.

Spring 1

Spring 2

Spring 3

Summer 1

Summer 2

Summer 3

Autumn 1

 Autumn 2

Autumn 3

Winter 1

Winter 2

Winter 3


  1. I wouldn't worry about the cliches Nigel, what you have taken is beautifully executed...cliches are ready to pounce wherever you turn so don't even worry about them. Put your own individual stamp on it, which you have...they beautifully depict the seasons, they're diverse and thoughtful. I don't know why you foresee groans. The summer images are my favourite. Intrigued by the variety of shapes you have used too with a number of panoramas and square in there.

    That means you must be ready for assessment Nigel surely...any closer to deciding which course?

  2. I am so pleased its all nearly over. The box should arrive in the next couple of days and then its a trip to Bradford and the July assessment. I don't really "get it" with colour work so I will be so pleased to get back to monochrome for the future.Luckily this isn't the final year when the grade is given out so providing I just "pass" is good enough. I have been given some outline of the new PWDP from Clive and it sounds more interesting than I thought so maybe that is where I will go next. Landscape wasnt difficult (its all around us), just annoying that time passed and I missed what I needed and then I had to compromise. As a failed perfectionist that was very annoying.