Thursday, 10 November 2011

Assignment 4 & 5 plus other updating.

My desertion (no, its deferment) has ended and I am back in the system. Assignment 4 has been emailed to my tutor and assignment 5 is well under way. I am able for the time being to spend 3 or 4 days a week on photography due to a bit of time rearrangement with workload, so progress is brisk. A number of projects are being held in draft while I complete the processing and gather my words into some order. The next assessment slot is March 2012 and hopefully without the benevolence of clergy or police I will make it.


  1. Well done Nigel. Was this the assignment that had the essay on Weston? I would be interested in having a read at some time if so. Good luck with the rest of the course

  2. Yes well done for bringing it to a close...have you decided which course you fancy next...or will you have a break? Oh, and I love your turn of phrase in the last sentence!!

  3. Yes John its Weston. I had heard of him before the course but knew very little and now I am enthralled by him. If this course doesn't improve me technically ( I don't think its designed to really) it certainly has improved my understanding of styles of photography and the Modern Realism of the mid 1920s is where I would love to be. When it been marked (and subject to it not being embarrassingly bad) I will post a link.

    Penny, There is still a lot to do. Landscape has over 40 projects as well as the 5 main assignments and an additional portfolio of seasonal pictures that go in after Ass. 5. The problem with the course is that you really have to do it all at once. If you read the notes chronologically and did the work in that order, you wouldn't get it done. Its so "season based" you need to have an eye on all the projects simultaneously.

    Next, not sure. PWDP is probably the obvious one as I really do not enjoy photographing people. Ime not sure what new courses will be available by next March, when I will go to Focus and have a chat with the Bradford team.

  4. I like the quote from Weston's wife who is reported to have said that when she drove him home after Weston gave talks and presentations etc that she would would allow him to sleep in the car and would wake him when she saw a "Weston" shot! Whereafter taking the photograph he would go back to sleep.