Thursday, 29 September 2011

Photoshelter - Educational Guide

One of the disadvantages of registering interest at some websites is that they bombard you with junk mail. I get mail from Photoshelter every week and I hardly ever open any of them. I know what they sell and I am not buying, and maybe I should find that tiny little "unsubscribe" link and stop them, but cant see it. Today though I had a second look at the mail and they were offering me an Educational Guide and it is pretty good. Called " Selling Fine Art Photography" it is a down loadable 25 page pdf with content from nine contributors offering help on getting work into galleries, being seen online and some insight from a Fine Art Printer.

The introduction has a phrase that sums up so much about photography. "..... finding the "recipe" to selling fine art proved elusive. There is no recipe, but there are common threads."

We are often tempted to go and find the recipe, especially when faced with a new or difficult situation and become disappointed when its not there. The common threads are there and although they are tricky to find they can be joined together.

The little book is an interesting read and can be found along with their other free booklets at


  1. Thanks for the link Nigel. Will have a pop over there now.

  2. Thanks from me also. It looks interesting - I will read the pdf over the weekend.

  3. Thanks Nigel - will they have a section for your very large prints?

  4. Downloaded this one and the one on blogging. Thanks for the link Nigel

  5. I often find the USA produces this type of content in a more open way than the UK. They "share" more than we do.