Thursday, 19 May 2011

Taking time out.

Despite a recession my business is booming and my clients require more and more of my time. These are Blue Chip companies with large important projects and it is essential that I concentrate on this. When I do get the odd half day to do some photography my mind is elsewhere. There are always residual thoughts going through my head and the photography is compromised. With this in mind I have contacted the OCA and agreed a 1 year deferment. The relief is tangible, and I will continue where possible to shoot the projects and assignments as time permits, but without forcing the outcome. My photography is important to me and it is important that the work I do for this course is of the highest standard I can achieve, and not a compromise in order to meet a deadline.


  1. Glad your business is booming, but sad to hear your course is suffering...hope to see you kicking around here in your quieter moments...

  2. Wise decision Nigel, there is nothing more demotivating than 'flogging' yourself into photography when other things require more important attention.

    Don't give up for ten years though as I had to!

  3. Penny, Alan.
    Surprisingly as soon as I had stopped I wanted to start again. For a short time though I would like to shoot some images for me and not the course. I spent yesterday evening at RSPB Titchwell with my 600mm and enjoyed some late evening birds. I am no birder but I love the peace and quiet of sitting in a hide and photographing simple well known birds. The surprise was when I walked back to the car and the sun was setting over the marshes, I took some coursework shots, couldnt stop myself.

    I wont be away for long, I love photography too much.