Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Assignment 3 : a linking theme - posted and debrief

A rather large A3 box was posted this afternoon to my tutor and the rest of the day was spent wondering just how disastrous the outcome may be. Not knowing what I am doing is my main cause of concern. I  mention to my tutor in a note that there are a number of journal entries that he may wish to read while looking at my work, to see the build up and the thought process in its making.I have just read my journal entry dated 11 February 2011 where I stated "I am particularly interested in images that are understated". By the 19 February I state they will be abstract and on the 24 February I confirm that they are abstract. Hardly consistent thought processes but the changes were largely due to the lack of "understated" thoughts by myself. There will be a time for "understated" and I am looking forward to it, but for now abstract and overstated appealed to me more.

The completion, writing up, CD burning and packing occurred in a flash and the relief is tangible. Inspired by another step towards the finish line I find myself part way through writing Assignment 4 : the critical review and loading some 5x4 dark slides for the Edward Weston style photographs. EW would of course have had a young female assistant helping him while he did this but mine hasn't materialised, so already I am at a disadvantage, never mind.


  1. It is such a relief isn't it when it leaves the building. Will you be posting them up at some point? Sounds like you're on the home straight now. Where will your journey take you next Nigel? Which course do you fancy? I believe DPP is being rewritten and there is also a new one due out to do with studio based photography and portraiture?

  2. Also looking forward to seeing some images. Hopefully they might inspire me, as I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment with the L3 YOP...

    On the new L2 course on portraiture, I was speaking with Gareth yesterday and the course is on his desk, but there's still a little more work to do, with Jose N, Peter H, Gareth and Michael Freeman needing to sit down and iron out a few wrinkles.

  3. Penny, "next" seems a long way off and it will have to be something simple. I did by some Elichrome gear last year so I now have a 3 head studio lighting kit but Ive never used it.

    Rob, Posted the photographs now, what do you think ? Inspirational, I think not.