Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Birding - Project 15 - 5x4

21st December, the shortest day of the year so probably not the best day to do some bird shots with the 600mm lens. Started the day with a "Winter" set for project 15. I now have all the seasons shot at Castle Acre and will process them and put them in the journal when I have caught up on some of other projects prior to 15. Also made some very wintery shots with the Wista 5x4 around Castle Acre, using Provia and Delta 100. Then to Cley and Salthouse for some bird shots. I have always wanted to do more with the 600mm lens and while the odd trip to Thetford forest for Dear never quite comes up with that magic moment and "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" I decided to have a look at seabirds and waders again. One reason for choosing them over songbirds in the garden is their size. The 600mm has a closest focus distance that is still 5m or so (cant remember exactly) and makes a finch small in the frame and a gull therefore is easier to fill the frame. Salthouse on the North Norfolk coast is about as cold and windswept a place that you will find. Problem number one was that the pools behind the shingle banks were 98% frozen over and not much prospect of gulls or waders using them. Some birds, havent looked up the names yet and a few images for todays posting, maybe more over Chritmas.

Nikon D3 600mm f4  1/1250 sec f5  ISO 1000

 Nikon D3 600mm f4  1/1250 sec  f5 ISO 1000

Nikon D3 600mm f4  1/800 sec F4 ISO 1000

And some departing Geese

Nikon D3 600mm f4  1/1000 sec f4 ISO 400

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  1. In my experience geese are always disappearing. Excellent bird images though. You can see some of mine on my Flickr page athttp://www.flickr.com/photos/13655446@N05/